Laura Paganini

Creativity, drive, and innovation.

Currently searching for a full time development position in San Francisco, and always looking for the next problem to tackle!


Work Experience

Imgur Platform Engineer

Independently designed and created the React user interface and Redux middleware for an internal administrator panel that will be used to curate promoted content. Conducted meetings with the end user to negotiate features and determine optimal user experiences with the administration panel. Created a Go micro-service that connects to a MySQL database and provides encapsulated, maintainable features for a new API endpoint.

Progressive Insurance Application Developer

Developed C# web applications for Progressive's independent agents. I added functionality to the new agent registration form by implementing the front-end user interface as well as the database interactions. In addition, I converted ASP.NET pages to more modular, maintainable Model-View-Controller objects. In collaboration with other interns, I wrote a 3D data visualization framework for the Microsoft Hololens.

Miami Univeristy Teaching Assistant

The courses were named as follows: “Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving” and “Data Abstraction and Data Structures” Answered students’ questions during lab sessions to teach them computer science fundamentals. Held weekly office hours to answer course questions and help students with projects and lab work. Graded approximately 60 students’ weekly assignments to enforce programming standards.

Cornerstone IT Help Desk Technician

On-site and remote help desk support, network maintenance, and client/server implementation and problem solving. Analyzed and solved five to ten technical issues per day remotely and on-site for local small businesses to enhance their productivity. Instructed and collaborated with a team of five technicians to implement an internal Windows Deployment Server to improve efficiency in fulfilling customer orders. Provided timely and informative customer service to clients in order to resolve their problems as thoroughly as possible.